I had the pleasure of getting takeout from Dakshin. It’s long been one of my favorite restaurants in the city. 

People know I love authentic ethnic food. What made this experience special wasn’t the food, though was delicious as always. What was special was: First, the great lengths they went to maintain safety (they created a makeshift takeout window, require all patrons sanitize their hands AND their credit cards on the way in to the building, all staff is wearing surgical gear, etc). 

Second, and this brought tears to my eyes, they left a food warmer outside, fully stocked with meals the most heartwarming note offering it to them for free to the less fortunate. As their note says, they can only offer this service because of those of us who can pay. So if you can afford it, please call in an order. You won’t regret it. The food is amazing and the safest I have seen since the outbreak. If you can’t afford it, please do avail yourself of a fresh, wholesome meal, made with love. 

Dakshin South Indian Restaurant: 4742 Bardstown Rd, Louisville, Kentucky 40218-4006 – (502) 491-7412