Daniel will bring new businesses and better jobs to the district. He will fully fund our public schools, invest in job training and career readiness, raise the minimum wage, and guarantee equal pay for equal work.


Jobs and Education Plan

Raise Minimum Wage: No one can live off of $7.25 an hour, but far too many are told to try. Every job should pay a living wage so that no one who works full-time lives in poverty.

Job Training and Career Readiness: This is an ever-changing world and we should invest in preparing our workers for the most in-demand jobs of today and the future. People increasingly switch careers several times and we must ensure they have transferable skills for the ever-changing job market.

Economic Equality: We cannot just support big business. We must support locally-owned businesses and incentivize others to bring jobs and commerce to underserved communities like ours and provide more SBA loans to minority-owned businesses.

Paid Sick Leave: Whether someone is salaried, hourly, or an independent contractor, they become a risk to everyone if they are forced to work while they are sick because they can’t afford to stay home.

Pay Equality and Guaranteed Family Leave: It’s long overdue that we take action and guarantee equal pay for equal work, and ensure that both parents should have equal and ample opportunity to share in child-rearing.

Affordable Childcare: The high cost of childcare should no longer be a barrier to returning to work. Every child deserves quality care, starting in Pre-K, and every parent deserves the opportunity of gainful employment.

Education Bill of Rights: Every student has the right to a quality education regardless of background or family income. Students should be guaranteed qualified teachers, small classes, and adequate technology.

End the School-to-Prison Pipeline: If we invest more in our schools, we could invest less in our prisons. Kentucky spends 2.5 times as much per prisoner each year as we do per student. Investing in education and creating productive citizens saves money.

Fully Fund the Pension Systems: Pensions are a promise. We cannot expect to recruit and retain the best teachers and other public employees if we pay them less than the private sector and threaten to take the retirements they have earned.

Universal Access to Technology and High-Speed Internet: School districts should supply all the technology students need to succeed and thrive, whether studying in school or distance learning. Having devices in schools isn’t enough, students must be able to take the devices home with them.

Deemphasize Standardized Testing: Testing should prioritize general competence of real-world skills and true learning vs. rote memorization which only reinforces biases; these measures always hurt Jefferson County.

Restructure School Assessment: Schools should be evaluated based on growth and not achievement. The current system punishes schools that are already behind and rewards those that are already ahead.

Fully Fund Special Education: The state has long failed to fulfill its legal obligations to provide funding for Special Education, passing that burden on to local districts at the expense of all students. We must compel the Commonwealth to honor its obligations.

Increase Teacher Qualification Standards: We ought to require a Master’s Degree, but we should be reimbursing teachers for that educational expense and should bring back funding for Professional Development.

Recruit and Retain the Best Teachers: Half of teachers are currently in the first 5 years of their careers because of high burnout rates, and nearly half of all teachers are actively seeking another career. We must invest more in them and do more to recruit and retain teachers of color and provide additional incentives for good teachers to work in the most difficult schools.

COVID Safety: All students, faculty, and staff should have appropriate access to personal protective equipment in an environment that maintains the highest hygiene standards and includes rapid testing and contact tracing when an outbreak is suspected.