The cost of living has been going up faster than wages or Social Security benefits. Daniel will work to ensure that no one on a fixed income has to choose between paying rent or getting their medication.

Affordable Housing and Medication Plan

Affordable Housing

We had a housing crisis before the pandemic, and it is now only worse; we must promote and protect homeownership and foster the development of more housing units; we must protect both tenants and landlords from future pay disruption. Finally, we must do more to combat homelessness, which is both a social ill and a public health crisis.

In order to address affordable housing, we must address what “affordable” means, as well as both supply and demand:

  • Affordability: We must raise the minimum wage and invest in economic development so that people make more money, and housing becomes more affordable. We ought to relieve some of the economic burdens on families by reducing the cost of higher education and providing universal pre-K. We should invest in a statewide affordable housing trust fund so that families who already have homes (rented or owned) don’t lose them so easily when circumstances change.
  • Supply: We should allow ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units) so that people can rent out their basements, garages, etc as long as they meet minimum safety standards. We should convert vacant office buildings and factories to apartments, condominiums, and create incentives for restoring historic properties. We should expedite vacant and abandoned properties going to auction. We should stop investors from hoarding properties at auction and squatting on them with no intention of renting or selling them. All of this would increase the total number of available housing units.
  • Demand: The Federal Reserve Board is currently raising interest rates to make homeownership less appealing, a terrible policy. Instead, we should encourage financial literacy and savings, and break barriers to homeownership. There is no more secure an investment, and no investment more effective at creating generational wealth, than homeownership. We should never discourage participation in the market. A consistent market will thrive.
Affordable Medication

No one should ever have to split or share their medicine, or have to avoid getting treatment because they can’t afford it. We need to lower prescription drug prices by any means, capping costs if necessary. Kentucky should take advantage of every provision of the Affordable Care Act so that we have expanded Medicaid and should include mental health, dental health, and vision for everyone covered.