Daniel Grossberg has raised over $120,000 for a rematch
in Kentucky State Legislature 30th District Race

Daniel, Erica, Bennie, and Bella Grossberg

Frankfort, KY – Wednesday, April 20, 2022: Democrat Daniel Grossberg reported $126,036 in contributions for the 30-Day Pre Report to the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance.

Grossberg had a hotly contested primary in 2020 against 25-term incumbent Tom Burch in which he vastly outspent.

“I’m not going to be outspent this time,” Grossberg said confidently. He has been hard at work raising money and going door to door since filing in January. “I have spoken with over 2,500 voters. It was hard to connect in 2020 because of COVID. This time voters are excited to meet me, learn about my message, and get the representation they deserve.”

Grossberg gives partial credit for his success in fundraising to his opponent’s absences and missed votes. “In the last month of the session, Tom was absent more often than in the chamber. Voters have noticed all those missed votes.”

After announcing in a Facebook video that Burch was returning for the rest of the session, he left after only a short time on his first day back and never returned.

“Two years ago, when I filed, I stated that the 30th District needed dynamic new leadership to help us meet our challenges. Those challenges proved to be even greater than we knew at the time, and the current leadership proved even less capable of meeting them,” Grossberg said.

Going into the last month of the primary, Grossberg has $97,187.80 cash on hand.

Grossberg, 43, and his wife Erica, a Jefferson County school teacher, live on Roselawn Blvd in Louisville with their golden retriever rescues Bennie and Bella.